Vocational Education Support Program – (CCI) (Fulbright Foundation)

The Fulbright Foundation has initiated applying for this program, which entrusts Egypt, for its first year, with short-listing around 200 Egyptian candidates to get scholarships at upper-intermediate education colleges in the USA, known as U.S. Community Colleges. This program aims to upgrade the vocational expertise of this important category of Egyptian workforce.

The grant will commence in the first semester of the academic year 2008/ 2009. It ranges from one to two years, including learning English language in Egypt by those who need to master their English. The program offers grants in the following fields:

1-   Agriculture: including the system of observing coordinates; system of geographic data; agricultural production management; agricultural works; fisheries; irrigation and horticulture technology; anti-pesticides processes; sprinkling; and animal production.

2-   Vocational and Industrial Occupation:  including the technicians of computers, communication technology, air-conditioners technology, vehicles maintenance, electronics technology, industrialization technology, and water treatment.

3-   Administrative Works: including management of free and small enterprises, marketing, selling, project management; administrative works and book keeping.

4-  Tourism and Hotel Management: including management of touristic establishments such as hotels, restaurants, food services, hosting as well as organizing trips.

5-   Health Sector: including nursing, medical laboratories technician, nutrition specialist, assistants of dentists, optician, and ambulance technician.

6-   Media, including communication, public relations, reprinting, typing, press and media transmission.

7-   Information Technology, including database administration; designing computer programs and networks; graphic designing; and designing and developing electronic sites.

@    One of the most important consultations for acceptance in this grant is that the applicant should be Egyptian, in his twenties, with practical experience, and a holder of a secondary school education certificate or its equivalent.

@    The deadline for the submission of the completed application form is Wednesday, 29/8/2007 at 4.00 p.m.


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