The Ministry of Higher Education and Academic Research signed a cooperation agreement with the German Agency for Educational Exchange, known in German as (DAAD). The agreement aims to finance short-term scholarships for young Egyptian researchers to travel to Germany. These scholarships are limited to those nominated for getting a PhD or a post-doctor degree. The prioritized research fields are agreed upon by the German Orientation Committee on Scholarships and the Egyptian government.

The applicants are required to fill out their forms on the Internet for technical evaluation by 30 November.


In order to present the application forms, the applicant is first required to register his data on the following website:


Applications may be sent to the following websites:

–         http://www.frcu.eun.eg/scu/eun/Higher-Education.htm

–         http://www.mhesr-initiatives.org/parown/

–         www.estp.sci.eghttp://cairo.daad.de

–         www.yearofscience.org

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