Complex Adaptive Systems Conferenc



complexsystemsNovember 2-4, 2016  |   Los Angeles, CA

Multi-faceted systems of the future will entail complex logic and reasoning with many levels of reasoning in intricate arrangement.  The organization of these systems involves a web of connections and demonstrates self-driven adaptability.  They are designed for autonomy and may exhibit emergent behavior that can be visualized. There is need to develop theory, methods and tools that will allow engineers to manage the increasing complexity in the design and operations of these systems. Our quest continues to handle complexities of future smart cities, smart countries and internet of things.

Researchers from academia, industry and government will meet in Los Angeles, CA in November 2016 to share their findings and expand the boundaries of research in engineering cyber physical systems and provide their experiences in bringing applied theory into practice that will be leading to an influential transition of complex adaptive system into systems engineering practice.

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