Talented Young Scientist Program

Talented Young Scientist Program

1. Background and Objectives

The Talented Young Scientist Program (TYSP hereinafter) supports talented young scientists, scholars and researchers from Afro-Asian countries to work in Chinese research institutes, universities or enterprises. TYSP aims to promote communication among Afro-Asian science and technology talents, nurture young science and technology leaders, and foster long-term international cooperation among research institutes, universities and enterprises in Afro-Asian countries.
2. Requirements for Applicants

Foreign citizens holding the nationality of Afro-Asian countries (Japan, Singapore, Israel, and Countries in Central Asia are not included);
Under or at the age of 45(for Korean scientists, under or at the age of  40);
Five years of research experience or with a doctoral degree (for Korean scientists, a doctoral degree is required);
Fluency in English or Chinese mandarin;
In good state of health;
Undertake to work full-time in China
Undertake to comply with laws, regulations and other related rules in China.
3. Financial Support

Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST hereinafter) will provide each scientist with RMB ¥12500 per month for accommodation, insurance and other living expenditure during the program.
The funding will be allocated to the Chinese host institutes.
4. How to apply

1. Scientists can obtain information about the vacancies on this website. After 

registration, scientists who are interested in particular vacancies shall contact 

the corresponding Chinese host institutes directly to apply for the Letter of Consent(in DOWNLOAD).     

2. After receiving the letter of Consent and  the application form of  position

from the institutes,scientists shall deliver the hard copy of the finished Application Form(in DOWNlOAD)  , the Letter of Consent and  the application form of  position issued by the host institutes to their sci-tech authorities (e.g. MOST. Recommendation Forms from universities or research institutes are invalid) in order to apply for the Recommendation form(in DOWNlOAD).   

3. Scientists shall send their Application form, the Letter of Consent, the Application Form of position and the Recommendation Form to Chinese host institutes.                
4.Based on comprehensive evaluation of the application materials, MOST will screen the applicants and decide the finalists. MOST will issue the Letter of Confirmation

to those selected candidates. The letter will be delivered to the applicants by their national sci-tech authorities.

5.Host institutes will sign the Employment Agreement with the selected candidates.

6.Contact the host institutes for the required documents of visa application and border entry.

The scientsits who have already been accepted by Chinese host institutes can skip the 1st step and start from  the second step directly.


For now there’s no deadline. Scientists can apply at any time.

5. Contacts

Tel:0086-10-68515510  E-mail:tysp@cstec.org.cn

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